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We are a Hong Kong-based consulting firm primarily providing general civil engineering consultancy services.  Our typical clients are general contractors, specialist contractors, architects, developers, railway authorities, utility companies and alike.  We provide cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions for our customers.  Our services include feasibility study to detailed design of permanent structures and temporary works.  We specialize in alternative design and value engineering.


Our expertise covers bridge engineering, building structure design, deep basement construction.  We have in-depth knowledge of behaviors of various form of construction under extreme environmental conditions such as high wind, strong earthquake and extreme temperature range.  We use extensively the state-of-the-art numerical methods such as finite elements and finite difference to predict the behaviors of the subject structures.


We specialize in modeling structural behavior and soil-structural interaction. When combining our analysis skills and capability with the hands-on site experience, the behaviors of a complex soil-structure interaction problem can be accurately predicted before the actual construction is carried out in order to ensure construction safety.  We specialize in designing works for safe-guarding existing movement-sensitive or/and stress-sensitive structures such as live railway, building structure in critical condition or sensitive utilities.


We provide expert services to our clients in arbitration and litigation, identification of causes of abnormal structural behaviors.  We provide solutions to most challenging engineering problems.


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More information can be found in our Company Brochure.